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Important traffic warnings

With a HicTo Alarm in your car, you will get a ”warning” 10 – 30 seconds before an emergency vehicle (blue lights) approaches your car – the alarm flashes red. Likewise, you will get a ”warning” as you approach road works (yellow lights) – the alarm flashes yellow.


Two devices - ONE team

The HicTo Alarm consists of two devices – a receiver fitted in your car and a transmitter fitted in all emergency vehicles and road works equipment. When your HicTo Alarm flashes, you will know in due time that you are approaching road works or that an emergency vehicle is coming in your direction. In this way, you contribute to making the roads SAFE for us all!

Road safety

Get involved in safe roads! With a HicTo Alarm, YOU contribute to getting help faster to those in need, i.e. casualties awaiting the arrival of an emergency vehicle. In this way, YOU contribute to making the roads a much safer workplace!

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